Video: Great Pair of Jeans

Aaron Marino discusses one of his favorite items of clothing for all men. Aaron breaks down how to shop for jeans in order to look your best and find the pair that fits you perfectly. Men's Fashion and style Advice From Expert … [Read more...]

Video: How To Mix Patterns

Have you ever noticed guys wearing several patterns (i.e. striped, dotted, checked, etc) at the same time and wondered how they were able to pull off that look? Today on Style Minute, Craig Stokes gives you a quick and simple three step process that he uses to create a look with a couple different patterns. Step 1: Look at the color in the shirtStep 2: Notice the pattern in the shirtStep 3: Find a tie or sweater that will contrast the color and … [Read more...]

Video: Everything Ties

Many men out there have troubling questions on their mind, like "how do I tie a double-windsor knot?". Or, "how can I add funk to my wardrobe without breaking out a pair of big hoop earrings?" ...Okay maybe more often the first question, but regardless, Amy is here with the answers! Have a look!  … [Read more...]

Video: How to Dress For the Club

Compete for girls at a nightclub by dressing in expressive clothing, wearing cologne and matching jewelry. Assemble a man's nightclub outfit that is comfortable with the help of this free video from a clothing designer. Expert: Bruce Marshall Bio: Bruce Marshall is a clothing designer who has worked in Los Angeles and Miami for years. He has also worked for Nickelodeon as a stylist.Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky … [Read more...]

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