Heads Up for This Pair of Pants!

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The garment: This is a pair of ladies gold colored pants made from a blend of 65% metallic fibers, 25% nylon, 6% silk & 4% cotton. There is a separate all cotton lining. The care label says, Dry Clean Only with no other instructions or any International Cleanability Code symbols.

The problem: After drycleaning in any solvent, this pair of slacks will appear shrunk and the metal fibers will severely crimp, creating adverse ripples and puckers. The original appearance cannot be restored by any method.

Whos responsible? The metal component used in this fabric blend reacts adversely to the action of any professional immersion care process, either drycleaning or wet cleaning, thus will result in irreversible damage in any professional drycleaning process, as labeled.

What to do: This pair of gold pants should be returned to the place of purchase or manufacturer.

Reprinted from International Textile Analysis Labrotory’s HeadsUp for this garment, publication. Click here to download that document.

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