Heads Up! For This Blouse – bebe

Brand Name: bebe
RN#: 86017
BEBE Studio, Inc. Manufacturing
400 Valley Drive
Brisbane, CA 94005
Ph. 877-232-3777 or (415) 715-3900

The garment: A blue silk blouse with elastic waistband. There are various types and colors of beads at the front neck area. The care label reads, “Dry Clean Only”. There are also International Cleanability Symbols on the label that supports this wording.

The problem: After drycleaning some of the beads are beginning to dissolve while others are losing their coating and color. The decorative trim is now damaged resulting in an objectionable appearance.

Who’s responsible? The manufacturer, since all components on a garment must be able to withstand the recommended professional cleaning process, as labeled.

What to do: This blouse should be returned to the place of purchase or manufacturer.

Reprinted from International Textile Analysis Labrotory’s HeadsUp for this garment, publication. Click here to download that document.

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