Heads Up! For This Blouse

Eli-Tahari-092712Brand Name: Elie Tahari
RN#: 50814
Morning Lady Inc. Importer, Wholesaler, Manufacturing
525 7th Ave. New York, NY 10018
(800) 854-5491

The garment: A yellow ladies blouse made with some rayon panels and some cotton panels. The care label states: “dry clean” with no other instructions or any International Code Symbols.

The problem: During professional drycleaning as labeled, the yellow dye bleeds and fades to different degrees from panel to panel, resulting in uneven fading of color to shades of beige.

Who’s responsible? The manufacturer since the yellow dye in this blouse was not able to withstand the recommended care instructions without severe color change.

What to do: This blouse should be returned to the retailer or manufacturer.

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