Heads Up! For This Skirt Brand Name: BeBe

BeBe-021413Brand Name: BeBe
RN#: 86017
BeBe Studio Inc. Manufacturing
400 Valley Drive Brisbane, CA 94005
Ph. (415) 715-3900 or 1-877-232-3777
Fax. (415) 715-3939

The garment: A gold rayon, nylon & spandex blend skirt with black synthetic leather waistband trim. The care label states: ​dry clean only​with clear corresponding International Code Symbols that restrict all forms of cleaning except drycleaning.

The problem: During proper professional drycleaning, as labeled, the black trim at the waist bleeds, resulting in transfer of black color onto the gold fabric.

Who​s responsible? The manufacturer since the black trim attached to this skirt was not able to withstand professional drycleaning without adverse dye migration.

What to do: This skirt should be returned to the retailer or manufacturer.

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