Heads Up for This White Dress Shirt – Nordstrom Smartcare

Brand Name: Nordstrom Smartcare
RN#: 58665
Nordstrom Inc.
Wholesaler, Distributer, Retailer, Jobber
1501 5th Ave. Seattle, WA 98101
Ph. 1-888-282-6060

The garment: A man’s white cotton dress shirt. The care label states: “machine wash warm-only use non-chlorine bleach if needed-tumble dry low-warm iron” with corresponding International code symbols.

The problem: During normal professional laundering and pressing the white shirt buttons may turn yellow or tan. This particular button can be adversely discolored by the heat of commercial pressing. Adverse button discoloration could occur in the initial laundering or not become objectionable until after many care procedures.

Who’s responsible? It is common practice to send men’s standard white cotton shirts out to a professional launderer to achieve greater whiteness, brightness and a quality finish. In this particular case, the heat of commercial pressing poses a risk of eventual button discoloration. There are many types of white buttons used on such shirts that never have any problems in repeated laundering for the entire life expectancy of the shirt. Therefore, it would be advisable that the shirt maker sew on one of these readily available more durable button types that will not change color in any later care.

What to do: New shirts could be returned to the retailer or if it is more convenient, the buttons could be easily replaced.

Reprinted from International Textile Analysis Labrotory’s HeadsUp for this garment, publication. Click here to download that document.

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