Al Phillips The Cleaner Customer Survey _ 30% Off Your Next Visit!

Many of our customers have completed survey cards at some point in time; for our business or other businesses. We thought we’d make it a little easier by placing our Al Phillips The Cleaner Customer Survey on our website for you. We’re not sure that this will make it to our Green Initiatives page, but at least it’s more convenient!!

Simply select the tab on the top navigation bar “CUSTOMER SURVEY” and rate us. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Also available is a comment section where you can freely add any comments that you feel would be helpful. Once you’ve completed the survey, and  have entered the unique security code provided, click submit and we’ll send you a 30% Off coupon to be used on your next visit for dry cleaning or laundry services at any of the Al Phillips The Cleaner locations throughout the Las Vegas and Henderson area.

Surveys are restricted to one time monthly, however, if there is further information you need to share with us, feel free to go to the “CONTACT” tab on the top navigation bar and select “FEEDBACK.” Now that we’ve brought our company into the 21st Century via technology, we’ll let you start using yours…

Let us know your thoughts…

~ Team Al Phillips


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