Looking For a Few Good Men, Women…and Mystery Shoppers!

We think it’s time to really turn up the heat on our dry cleaning quality and service. So much that we’re inviting the public to mystery shop our locations. And, of course, we’ll pay for your cleaning to do it. The more we know – the better we can become. We measure ourselves every day, but we think we’re a little biased!! Mystery Shopping is relatively simple, but there are a few caveats…

Mystery Shoppers that are current Al Phillips customers must be willing to shop one or more locations that they do not normally frequent. Of course a new customer to Al Phillips The Cleaner won’t need to worry about that. They also need to complete a brief survey provided prior to the shop and mail it back to us. Of course, we’ll provide the self address stamped envelope. Not so bad, huh?! And that’s it for the “caveats”!!!

If you think you have an interest and would like to learn more about becoming an Al Phillips Mystery Shopper, go to http://alphillipslv.com/feedback/ and let us know if you want to be considered as a shopper.

Let us know your thoughts…

~ Team Al Phillips


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