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We know that it’s not a perfect world and we don’t profess to think we’ve reached the point of service excellence that we can rest on our laurels. In fact, we understand that everyday we need to keep a sense of heightened awaress to our quality and service shortcomings. We do get it right more often than not, and continue to strive for 100% in quality and service.

Our phylosiphy goes to that of what probably most of us remember Mom saying, ” Respect is earned – not given. And, it’s earned everyday”!!! So here’s a little something that we can share regarding our “bend over backwards” commitment to dry cleaning service when it came to a customer’s needs (in a pinch) on a quick alteration for an important meeting. Below is a glance at Mr. Heinz testimonial from May 9, 2009.

“I want to thank your company again for your above and beyond customer service.

After being told by another tailor (different company) that if I brought my suit pants in by 1pm Wednesday that they would be done by Thursday at 10am for a very important meeting on Thursday at 1pm. When I arrived at 1pm they told me it wouldn’t be ready until Friday after 5:30pm.  I called my wife who works for LVMPD. She called your office and I was directed to your plant on Ali Baba. When I arrived 20 minutes later, I was met by your tailor and was informed that I could pick up my pants the same day at 5:30. I said, “No worries, I will pick them up at 9:30 tomorrow morning.” Your customer service is outstanding, from…”  

Read the entire testimonial from Mr. Heinz on our Testimonials page located at the top page of the website. If you have a story that you would like to share, simply scroll to the bottom of the Testimonials page, write your experience,  and click “Submit.”

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~ Team Al Phillips

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